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77. BLUE-SALVE-J Ointment


30 GM200 GM500 GM
₹ 100₹ 500₹ 1180
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यह औषधि आपरेशन के बाद पट्टी,जख्मों व चमड़ी क। अन्य रोगों में उपयोगी है।

Product Properties


APP+S3+C3+S5+C5+B.E.+Cream BASE+ 3 Other Plants (Azadirachta Indica+SwertiaChirayata+Trifla)


It has usefully employed in cases of Erysiples and super ficial Burns & Scalds, it has too very useful even for post Surgical Dressing.


Direction For Use Wash & Clean the affected area Apply the cream on to the affected area 2-3 times A day or As Directed by the E.H. Physician

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