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08. JAN BABY CARE – Tablet Syrup Drops


100 ML
₹ 60


100 PC200 PC 550 PC1100 PC
₹ 90₹ 180₹ 450 ₹ 900

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यह औषधि तेजाब, मेधे की दिक्कत, बदहजमी, शरीर व दांतों के विकास व बच्चों के हर प्रकार के रोगों में लाभदायक है।

Product Properties


S1+F1+C5+S5+S.Y.+Y.E.+ Verm1 + Other 3 Plants ( Termianilia Arjuna+ Cyherus+ Anaseed)


Gripes Acidity Pain Flatulency Digestive Disorder Valubale, During weaning and Teething. All kinds of Childrens Disease.


Syrup- ½-1, TSF, Tab.- ½-1 Tab. TDS or BD Children only or As Directed by the E.H. Physician

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