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25. STOMATITIS-J | Tablet Syrup Drops


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₹ 60


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यह औषधि मुंह आना, मुंह के सफेद घाव, लार गिरना, मुंह में से दुर्गंध आना, ओष्ठों के घाव आदि में लाभदायक है।

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S1+S5+C5+C13+A2+G.E.+Verm1 + W.E.+ F1+ Other 6 Plants (Eucalyptus Globulus+ Acacia Arabica+ Psidium guajava+ Syzygium Jameolinum+ Cuminum cyminum+ Rheumpalmatum)


Simple Stomatitis, Thrush, Salivalation, Oralsepsis, Ulcer of lips.


Syrup-1-2, TSF, Drops - 10-15 drops, Tab.-1-2 Tab. TDS or BD Adult & Children Half dose or As Directed by the E.H. Physician. For Best Result use with Jan Stomatitis-J Lotion.

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