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54. JANDIABET-KIT (3 Drops Each Drops 30ml)


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यह औषधि शुगर व शुगर से होने वाले सभी रोगों में लाभदायक है।

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No.1: S10+S1+L1+R.E.+ Other 4 Plants ( Gialy+Syzygium jam colinum+ Myristica-Fragran+Soymida. Ferbirifuga). No.2:W.E. + S1 + S10 + L1+3 Other plants ( Momordicacha, Rantia +Tregonello + Azadirachta Indica). No.3:B.E.+S1+S10+L1+3 Other plants ( Vinca Rosea Linn+Withania Sommnifera Dunal+Gymnema Sylvestre.).


Diabetes and Diabetes Complication, Diabetes mellitus and insipidus, Albuminuria, Enuresis, Glycourea, Albuminuria, Blood sugar in creased Diusresis, Diabetic ulceration, High specific gravity of urinedebility, vertigo Insomnia, Irrilability etc.


No. 1. Drops - 10-15 drops morning, No. 2. Drops - 10-15 drops Afternoon, No. 3. Drops - 10-15 drops Evening. After meals Adult & Children Half dose or As Directed by the E.H. Physician