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36. BLOODCURE- J | Syrup Drop Tablets


100 ML200 ML
₹ 80₹ 130


30 ML100 ML200 ML450 ML
₹ 120₹ 300₹ 600₹ 1200


100 PC200 PC550 PC1100 PC
₹ 120₹ 240₹ 600₹ 1200

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यह औषधि एलर्जी, खुजली, सोराईसिज,सेपेटिक, इन्फेकशन व खून की खराबी की रोकथाम करती है और खून को साफ करती है।

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S5+C5+L1+A2+Verm1+R.E.+G.E.+S1+C1+Other 6 Plants (Ledum Pulustra+Smilax Medica+ Atropa Bellodonna+Arnicea Montana+Cuscuta Reflexa+ Azadirachta Indica)


Seabies, Allergy, Eczema Psoriasis,It is use full in septic infections and various from forms of blood poisoning and excellent blood purifier and tones up the quality of blood.


Syrup-1-2, TSF, Drops - 10-15 drops, Tab.-1-2 Tab. TDS or BD Adult & Children Half dose or As Directed by the E.H. Physician. For Best Result use with APP Cream & Jan Skin Cure Oil.

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