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35. JANTONSIL – Syrup Drop Tablets


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यह औषधि गले की सोजिस, गले की टांसिल, गिलटियों में सोजिस, गले के कैंसर के लिए लाभदायक है।

Product Properties


S1+C5+F1+C13+GE+L1+ A3+Verm1+Other 6 Plants. (Ruta Graveolense+Azadireachta Indica+Capsella Bursa Pastaris+ Albizzia Lebbex+Allium Sativum +Cardus Benedictus).


Acute and chronic inflamation of the tonsils, pharyngitis sore throat, other viral in fections and Throat Cancer


Syrup-1-2, TSF, Drops - 10-15 drops, Tab.-1-2 Tab. TDS or BD Adult & Children Half dose or As Directed by the E.H. Physician

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