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66. J Nari Cardial Forte


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यह औषधि बच्चेदानी की रसौली, बच्चेदानी का घूमना व बाहर आना, लूकोरिया, मासिक धर्म की खराबी व अन्य स्त्री रोगों में लाभदायक है।

Product Properties


C1+A3+S1+YE+SY+Ven5+BE +S5+C5+12 Other Plants. (Dalborgia sirsa+allium sativam +dictamnus albus+hydrastis canadensis + malricaria chammomilla+pulsatille+sarychnos nux vomica+ Saraca Indica+ Narttostathya Jatamansi+ Plumbago Zeylanicalin+Roureas Thoides+Withania Somni-fera Dunal.)


Fibris utreas, utreas antiverted & removerted, Metormagia, Leucorrhoca, Correct, Amnorrhaca, Metrisitis Storlity, Dysmenorrthoca, Menorrhadia etc. It is good Tonic for Ladies.


Syrup-1-2, TSF, Drops - 10-15 drops, Tab.-1-2 Tab. TDS or BD or As Directed by the E.H. Physician

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